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Sub Dealers

We at Erickson Custom Operations have an incredible team of dealers serving the agricultural community in Minnesota, Montana, and both Dakotas. Please fill out a form on our Contact page or reach out to us directly to get connected!

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Paul Aaberg

Rothsay, MN

(218) 205-6357

ECO Site Initials.png

Todd Ricard

Erickson Custom Operations

Crookston, MN

(218) 280-1256

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Jason Bosse

Northern Plains Ag

Forman, ND

(701) 680-1174

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Brad Kellerman

Erickson Custom Operations

Davenport, ND

(701) 238-0303

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Scott Steffens


Lidgerwood, ND

(701) 640-5052


Jerry Morberg

Dynamic Cropping Systems

Perham, MN

(218) 298-1635

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Justin Spivey

Erickson Custom Operations

Crookston, MN

(218) 289-0100

ECO Site Initials.png

Joe Ehlers

Ehlers Seed LLC

Lidgerwood, ND

(701) 640-5188

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Cody Lorenzten

Onward Ag

Washburn, ND

(701) 202-7415

ECO Site Initials (2).png

Lynn Harrell

Nelson's HB Seed

Miller, SD

(605) 870-1472

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Corey O'Leary

Precision Seed & Service Inc

Lake Park, MN

(701) 892-4524

ECO Site Initials (6).png

Bruce Bosse

Northern Plains Ag

Forman, ND

(701) 680-1122

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Gregg Johnson

Erickson Custom Operations

Grand Forks, ND

(218) 779-9079

ECO Site Initials (7).png

Jerry Miller


(701) 728-6614

Deering, ND

J (9).png

Doug Malone

Diamond M Seeds

Arlington, SD

(605) 690-0744

ECO Site Initials (4).png

Terry Stohr

Clark Community Oil

Clark, SD

605) 520-5480


(701) 371-7184 



Please reach out at any time!

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