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About Us

What is biological farming?

When you have a headache, you can take an Advil- that’s SCIENCE. Sometimes how healthy we are comes down to what are we eating, what we are we drinking, how much are we exercising, etc. Maintaining a healthy life is all about how you can take care of your body without using drugs.


This same concept is how biological farming differs from conventional farming. We want to teach farmers how to maintain healthy farming operations through the biological aspect of things. It's all about soil health. When the soil is healthy, we aren’t destroying underground waters, we aren’t destroying the natural levels of insecticides. We at ECO are committed to biologically getting to the root of soil health issues!

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Our Story

Jim and Darcy started in the custom farming industry in 2007, and Erickson Custom Operations was born. We originally helped farmers with planting, harvesting, and other types of field work. In 2014, ECO officially became an independent product dealer.


Primarily selling fertilizers (dry and liquid) in the upper Midwest, some former employees were met and ECO was introduced to Calcine products. A year later we were introduced to Aqua Yield products and started selling in the tristate area in April. ECO officially started with Calcine in 2015.


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Please reach out at any time!

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