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Season long soil and plant health

OmniGro™ delivers a robust blend of biostimulant and micronutrients, fueled by Aqua-Yield® Technology to speed up germination, providing fast, stronger establishment of all crops, and stimulates growth all season long. OmniGro™ is a completely unique and powerful product for superior crop growth and yield potential.

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Crop protection enhancer

OmniPro™ fueled by Aqua-Yield® Technology can be added to any spray mixture to enhance plant uptake of organic crop protection products. This product is field tested and grower approved to advance the way you manage organic crop production.

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The soil and plant health enhancer fueled by

Aqua-Yield® Technology 

Enhance soil and plant health with one easy to use liquid: CXPro. A 100% plant-based extract, broad spectrum, and multi-species, CXPro is a product manufactured with Purple Cow Organics® patented process. Thousands of fungal and bacterial strains are driven to the soil and plant by Aqua-Yield® Technology that shields exudates and metabolites, enhancing the rhizosphere. CXPro is an effective and flexible tool in building soil health and nutrient use efficiency throughout the growing season, approved for certified organic as well as conventional systems. 

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