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Whether dryland or irrigated, Protos-32® mobilizes salts out of the root zone and improves soil productivity. Reducing soil salinity improves soil health by increasing water infiltration and water-holding capacity, reducing compaction and boosting rates of earthworm establishment. Together, these effects reduce production costs and increase yields.

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Protos-32 was specifically designed to help create a healthier growing environment. It mobilizes salts out of the root zone and improves soil productivity organically.

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Recycles Calcium

Once in soil water, Protos-32® solubilizes calcium carbonate and calcium bicarbonate, releasing calcium ions, water and carbon dioxide. This recycled source of calcium is now free to replace sodium on soil particle exchange sites, the key step in reclaiming sodic soils.

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Solves Salinity Problems

Protos-32® reduces salt buildup and improve soil aeration, infiltration, percolation and drainage in sodium-affected soils.


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